Creating a database backup


Configuring backup in ISPmanager is performed as root in the Tools - Backups section. Read more in this article.

Also in the ISPmanager control panel there is a possibility of database backup via data export. Data can be imported and exported using a dump (a file that contains the structure and data of the database). The dump can be used as a backup or to transfer the database to another server

To export data, go to Tools - Databases - Download. Next, select the path to save the file on your local computer.



By default, the VestaCP panel backs up once a day. The last three backups are saved.

It is not necessary to back up the entire server. In order to save resources, only important items can be saved. Click EXCLUSIONS under BACKUP, then the setup icon. You can exclude unnecessary elements here.

To create a database backup, specify it in the Databases field. Mark the rest of the fields with *. In this case, the backup will only contain the specified database.



  1. Log into DirectAdmin as administrator (admin).
  2. Go to Admin Tools - System Backup.

In the next window, select the Backup MySQL Databases item. By default, backups are performed every Sunday at 5:00 am. You can change the frequency of the backup. To manually start the backup process, click Run System Backup Now.



In the BitrixVM control panel, a backup copy is created as a .tar.gz archive and saved in the directory /home/bitrix/backup/archive/

To set up automatic scheduled backups, select 6. Manage sites in the pool > 6. Change backup settings on site.


In the next step, configure the backup frequency:


You can also tune your backup:

/opt/webdir/bin/bx-sites -a backup -d dbcp --enable --minute=10 --hour=18 --day=any --month=any --weekday=any

Backup archive includes:

  • database dump /home/bitrix/mysql_dump__DD.MM.YYYY_.sql
  • core site data
  • data of sites such as links with full path 

If you still have questions, please create a ticket to technical support.