Configuring PPTP VPN Connection for Ubuntu OS

  1. To set up a VPN connection over PPTP on Ubuntu, open the network connection settings in the upper right corner of your desktop and click "Connection Options":
    Go to Settings
  2. In the window that opens, click "+" to add a new VPN configuration:
    Add new VPN Configuration
  3. Select Point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP):
    Select PPTP
  4. On the next screen, enter the VPN connection parameters:
    1. in the "Name" field, enter any name for the connection, for example, "Inferno VPN",
    2. in the "Gateway" field - the server address (VPS),
    3. "Username" and "Password" from the message that you received by email when activating the service:
      VPN Configuration
  5. To enter a password, click on the question mark at the end of the Password field and select Remember password for this user only or Remember password for all users. Otherwise, you will need to enter your password every time you connect to the VPN. Click "Add" to save the created VPN connection:
    Enter a password
  6. VPN connection successfully configured:
    Configured VPN
  7. To connect, slide the switch to the right:
    Connect to VPN
  8. You can also quickly connect to a VPN by clicking in the upper right corner of your desktop, in the "VPN Connection" and "Connect" menu that opens:
    Connect to VPN
    If the connection is successful, you will see the "VPN" icon in the top status bar.

If you have any additional questions, you can use our ticket system.

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