Changing the Size of the Disk Quota of the Data Storage

You can increase or decrease the size of the partition at any time. To do this, create a ticket to technical support, and indicate how you need to change the current tariff.

All your data is saved. When upgrading to a plan with a lower disk quota, make sure that the new storage size will be enough to accommodate all your data. If there is not enough space, clean the storage in advance to avoid compromising data integrity during migration.

When increasing the disk quota, you should pay the difference between the tariffs from the date of transition to the new tariff until the end of the payment period. Then you will pay for the service according to the cost of the new tariff.

When reducing the disk quota (reducing the tariff), the difference in cost between tariffs until the end of the payment period is not compensated. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the tariff as close as possible to the end of the service payment term.