Can I Add/Remove Resources (RAM, CPU, HDD / SSD) for VPS?

Yes, you can quickly change any characteristics of your tariff plan. You can upgrade to more expensive or cheaper tariff plans.

If you do not have enough resources, then the best way to solve the problem is to change your tariff plan. Typically, this will only take a couple of minutes and one VPS reboot.

Changing your tariff plan is the easiest and most profitable way to add resources. After you decide to change your tariff plan, an invoice will be created for payment. You will only need to pay the difference in cost between the current and the new tariff.

For example, you use the Lite plan, which costs $ 5 per month. After the growth of the project and the increase in resource requirements, you decide to switch to the Start tariff, which costs $ 10 per month. According to the new invoice, you will need to pay the difference of $ 10 - $ 5 = $ 5 per month. If the initial Lite rate expires in 4 months, the invoice will be for those 4 months. That is, 4 * 5 $ = 20 $.

If you already rent a tariff with maximum parameters, you can order additional resources separately. Also, if you do not want to switch to another tariff plan, you can separately improve the main parameters of your VPS (prices are indicated for 1 month):


  • $3 for 1GB,
  • $5 for 2GB,
  • $10 for 4GB,
  • $20 for 8GB.


  • $7 for 50% of the core,
  • $10 for 100% of the core for XEN VPS.

For KVM VPS, you can add at least 1 core, the cost is $ 10/month.

  • Disk space (prices for additional disk space are here).

Downgrade tariff is possible:

  • within the current line of tariff plans,
  • rejection of previously purchased additional resources (RAM, CPU, HDD / SSD).

For example, you can switch from the Start tariff to the Lite tariff. You can remove resources from the tariff only if they were ordered additionally. You cannot reduce the number of resources to less than provided by the current tariff plan to make it cheaper.


  1. When downgrading a tariff plan, the difference for the paid period is not compensated. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to another tariff at the end of the paid period.
  2. Make sure the used disk space is less than what is available after downgrading your data plan or giving up additional disk space.

We are also ready to discuss the terms of cooperation, and we can offer you individual rates for your tasks. If the standard tariffs are not enough for you or you are not satisfied with the prices - leave a request to the sales department with a description of the tariff and your wishes. We will definitely contact you to discuss the details.