Beginning of Work. Initial ISPmanager Configuration

This article will help you to know how to install initially and configure ISPmanager.

If you are still in doubt about choosing a control panel for your VPS server, you can test the demo version of ISPmanager on the official website.

Installing ISPmanager

ISPmanager is installed automatically if you order it when renting a VPS server with Linux OS.

You can also install ISPmanager manually.

Authorization in ISPmanager Panel

  1. To enter the panel, enter in the address bar of the browser.
  2. When you first enter the panel, the browser will inform you that the connection is insecure. This is due to the fact that the connection is made over the secure https protocol and the certificate has not been signed by a certification authority.
  3. Add this address to the exceptions to your browser to enter the panel.
  4. If you ordered a panel with a license, it will be activated automatically. When ordering a panel without a license, you must activate your own license before authorization (an activation window will open upon entering).
    When authorizing, specify the login and password to access the server, which were sent to your email. Also, in the authorization window, specify the appropriate interface language.
  5. Read and accept the terms of the license agreement.

ISPmanager Initial Configuration

It is recommended to configure the basic parameters before using the panel. You can also change the settings later in the Settings > Systeme settings section.

  1. Configure the basic parameters in Systeme configuration section:
    • Server name – enter the domain name.
    • Time zone – set to Local time.
    • Region, Location – it is desirable to indicate the real location for the correct time display.
    • Update software automatically – set the value to update all system packages to get the most current versions.
  2. Configure the basic parameters in Control panel section:
  3. Configure the basic parameters in Log rotation section:
If you have any questions, you can ask them in the online chat in the lower right corner of the site or by ticketing the Techsupport Department.