Adding an additional IP

To get an additional IP-address, create a ticket to the Billing department. The cost of the service is $ 4.00 USD per month for one IPv4 address. Ordering more than 10 IPs, a discount is possible. Why do I need a dedicated IP?

IPv6 is issued free of charge (up to 64) to the server in all locations (only on KVM virtualization). More than 64 - $ 0.01 USD per IP.

After adding the IP address, we will need to reboot the server. Specify a convenient time to reboot the server (around the clock) in the ticket for adding an IP to the Billing department.

After that add the IP address in the server control panel:

adding/removing an IP address in ISPmanager,

adding/removing an IP address in VestaCP,

adding/removing IP address in DirectAdmin.

Deleting an IP address

In case of early cancellation of the IP, the remainder of the amount will not be returned. Unless the paid period has started yet. For example, on August 20, the amount was debited for the renewal of the IP lease from September 1 to September 31.

We cannot delete an IP if it is in the Roskomnadzor registry and

You need to independently contact Roskomnadzor and achieve removal of the IP from the registry (after removing the prohibited content from this IP).

Only after this, the IP can be removed from the server and stop paying for it.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.