Actions for DDoS attacks

We offer you two types of DDoS protection (L2, L3, L4):

  1. Standard (free) Anti-DDoS protection. Your server's IP address is added to a special general protection zone. The zone is selected based on the type of each specific attack. The IP addresses of other users are also added to this zone. There is no option to customize protection as this may affect other users. The standard protection efficiency is 95%.
  2. Extended Anti-DDoS protection:
    1. a separate protection zone is allocated for each client,
    2. it is possible to configure protection parameters (in standard protection, in some cases parasitic traffic may pass),
    3. a higher limit of dirty and clean traffic.

The HTTP flood is an L7 attack. Therefore, Anti-DDoS protection does not work in this case. To protect against HTTP flooding, we recommend using Cloudflare. The technical support service will help you with setting up this service.

In order to increase resistance to DDoS attacks, we strongly recommend:

  • Always use Cloudflare.
  • Do not disclose the real IP address of your site.

What's a dedicated IP address for a website?

If you have any questions, please create a ticket to technical support.