Should You Upgrade to ISPmanager Lite 5?

Compared to the fourth version, ISPmanager Lite 5 has more functions and a more user-friendly interface. The following options are also available here:

  • 2 interface modes: simple and expert;
  • setup wizard (performs initial setup, requests the required data, and creates the necessary records);
  • flexible configuration of user access;
  • the ability to install different PHP versions for different domains;
  • integration with CloudLinux.

The use of the panel version 4 (Lite, Pro) by developers is not prohibited. However, since December 1, 2016, support and release of updates for ISPmanager 4 have been discontinued.

For all VPS, with a one-time payment for the year, you get the ISP Manager Lite 5 or DirectAdmin control panel for free. (And 3 months of using VPS as a bonus!)

To upgrade to ISPmanager Lite 5, create a ticket to the technical support.