Automatic payment of invoices from balance

During the process of placing a new order, you have the option to set up automatic payment of invoices for renewing ordered services from your account balance. To enable this option, tick the "Auto-renew from balance" checkbox:


The ability to enable the auto-renewal option from the balance is independent of the chosen payment method for the invoice for the current order.

ATTENTION: The auto-renewal option from the balance is activated for all services within the current order simultaneously.

If you want to enable/disable auto-renewal from the balance for individual services, you can adjust this option for each service in your personal account at any time. To do this, go to service payment management, for example, Virtual Servers => Manage => Payment Info:


and click the button in the "Auto-renew from balance" row, then confirm the disablement of auto-renewal from the balance by clicking Yes.

ATTENTION: According to the rules, the next invoice for the service is automatically issued 15 days before the expiration of the current payment term. In the case of activating the auto-renewal option from the balance, the invoice is automatically paid from your account balance at the time of issue.

If you decide to decline the service renewal after auto-renewal from the balance, the deducted amount (remaining amount) will be returned to your account balance.